Friday, 3 February 2017

Living With A Sexist Mother - The True Story

Now don't get me wrong...I do love my Mum. I mean look below, LOOK HOW MUCH THE FEELING'S MUTUAL HERE (My Mum is the far right) :

But, to be honest...She has shocking views about what women should do and acts quite anti-feminist! This to me is in irony on itself (Which I will cover further in my next podcast tomorrow on Saturday) as  she has fought against a female-oppressed society that the Muslim/Bengali culture still suffers from to get where she is now! 

What are they?

Well, she has told me on numerous occasions that I need a wife to "Look after me" and "Cook for me" while I "Go out to work!" I mean...Really? To determine roles for people based on their gender is ridiculous! It would be so shallow and shitty for me to dump someone that "Can't cook!" I mean, that's harsh on OMEGA levels! And if you're one of those guys that feel that a women's place is "In the kitchen" then you are a TERRIBLE human being!

We have to identify though as to why she feels this way, and on tomorrow's podcast I will discuss the oppressive system in cultures not just affiliated with Islam, but also Asian culture as a whole. This is BY NO MEANS an attack on Islam and the Muslim community...This is the cultural agenda of how women are perceived in various Asian countries.

Til next time, (And oh yeah I'll link the podcast below once uploaded!)

Zera Later x

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Is the phrase "Tomboy" Sexist or Acceptable? I think Unacceptable

To quote the Online Etymology Dictionary alongside the Oxford English Dictionary:

A tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviours considered typical of a boy, including wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered in many cultured to be unfeminine or the  domain of boys. Tomboy, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "Has been connected with connotations of rudeness and impropriety" throughout it's use.

And apparently if you dress like this, you are labelled as a "Tomboy":

I feel it is a dangerous game to play by labeling females that enjoy so-called "Male activities" and give them this title. Why? Because, to call someone a "Tomboy" is essentially saying to them that "You're acting like a male..." Um what? I don't understand at all! To me, it strikes as segregation in implied tongues of "Oh, you like playing the Playstation and like dressing up from the 'Mens' section? What is wrong with you?"

There is an interesting article whilst researching from titled "How one Tomboy Overcame Her Internalized Misogyny" and one section of the article certainly piqued my interest:

 Reading this (oh and by the way the full article is here - ) I feel that there is still an "Alpha Male Complex" whereby males feel strange when females do activities that are male dominated. It can be extrapolated to sports, gaming and more! Case in point, when I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh, I went to a card games place where there were one female and a bunch of males. The female in question was subjected to having attention of an unsanitary variety. What happened was that the males were touching her in an inappropriate way and despite them all being "Good mates" (At the time at least)...Looking back, it was so wrong! I mean, I DID NOT COME TO SEE THIS, I CAME TO PLAY SOME DAMN CARD GAMES! They were sorta grinding to the side of her as if it were some nightclub and cuddling her and all that...Goodness!

If she were a he, then I wouldn't see any of that?

Why should women be treated differently for liking what they like?

Why are people still closing doors to women? We should live in an EQUAL SOCIETY

I intervened by asking one of them to face me and they stopped. Interesting to note I'm glad she is in a better place and no longer hangs out with these individuals.

The idea of the "Tomboy" sickens me. Let people be themselves without a label...

Zera later.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Travel Diary - From Haneda to Hot Springs to Narita to Shinjuku with Sexual Requests!

The Prologue

Let's roll back 48hrs before I arrive to Japan shall we? I know, I know... You all came to read about what happened in Japan, but  trust me... This story has so much "Raging Homo Love"... So much so it CANNOT be left out! Okay? Okay, let's continue!
Firstly, I am grateful for my buddy Sian to let me stay round her University Dormantry at Roehampton, London the day before my  flight! So we met up at King's Cross, drop my items off at hers bla bla... Now, here's the good bit! After going to Cyberdog, having glitter on our faces, purchasing "Sex Dice"  because WHY NOT, and having fabulous succulent chicken at KFC, we went to this Witherspoon Pub (A bar for all my international readers)  around the Notting Hill area.
There, a Pink curled American man noticed my glitter and proceeded to rub it off my face initially... Um... What? Following this after washing the majority of it off, he noticed my sex dice and proceeded to nibble my nipple... AND ALL SORTS! No gay sex though, even though "Can I come back to yours"  was requested to me, I was freaked out and pretended to be too drunk and Sian (thankfully) played along with my act! We made it back safely back to temporary Base! So following Sian and I filming Episode 19 of #TheWorldEndsWithYou, watching Pingu videos and a nap... I was on my way to Heathrow!
The Flight
Because of fears in regards to the Belgium attacks, I got the Victoria express coach to Heathrow Terminal 2 7hrs early! Much to my surprise checking in and getting my boarding pass took 5 minutes... So I had not much to do to be honest! Haha, I had YO! Sushi not only for the food but to practice with chopsticks! I mastered chopsticks and I had my food for 10£ off because... I have no clue! I then had a lovely coffee given to me from a man from Africa as I ran out of British currency due to purchasing the final essentials for JAPAN! The flight was delayed by 2...Two hours as we were waiting on the plane due to laziness... I mean "Maintance Checks" so we finally left at 22.10 UK TIME! Great food by Asiana Airlines by the way! Much respect to them!

I arrived to South Korea around 16.30 local time Thursday and on my way to going past the transfers part I met this lovely gentleman named JP, an awesome Filipino residing in America! We ate at a Korean place, (well I did, he watched me eat) and a generous deed from him : Paying $4 to have my facemask ready for Japan! I still have it to this day, so thanks JP again! During Korea we met Carley who is fluent in Japanese and is from my hood, yay! Thanks to Carley, I had a free place to stay! But more on that on DAY 1... Which is coming up next!
Day 1 - From Haneda to Hot Springs to Narita to Shinjuku with Sexual Requests!
I arrived to Japan at 23.10 local time! But the LONG long long immigration line made it so that Carley and I did not leave the queue until 00.45 Friday! Carley said to me she's going to "Big Fun Heiwajima Honsen"  on the Shuttle Bus! Thankfully there was one at 01.40 to go straight there! What is that you ask? It's a traditional Japanese place that has Hot Springs : Where you go in Naked after cleansing in a spring that is hot for purity and for better health etc etc! There was also a relaxation room where you could just relax anywhere (Floor, chair, wherever) And go to sleep wherever too! Literally... People sleeping on floors in given robes... Quite surreal! The craziest thing about it is that most "Honsens" have a ZERO tolerance towards tattoos! I have 2 of them (at the time!) One is tiny but the other is across my back, so had people saw this then I would've been kicked out... So... I sneakily went in at 4am ish when no one was looking! It was a great experience!

One eyesore was that while having the breakfast buffet with Carley at 07.00 (Yes it's still Friday!) A gentleman nearby lit up a  cigarette! Psychologically I was aghast and in my mind, I felt angered because in the UK and many Western countries have a zero tolerance of smoking indoors in public places; Japan is different, there's alot of places indoors in Japan that you're allowed to smoke in.  They are designated areas though alot of the time! The time was around 09.00 when Carley and I left the place and headed to the nearest Monorail train to Tokyo Station! It was a truly stunning to see Tokyo's buildings and sites for the first time because I was only in the country for nine hours! I took it all in when I saw massive buildings with restaurants and shops stacked, and people bustling and moving at breakneck speeds! Definitely at a faster rate than London for example! At Tokyo Station Carley and I departed as we had to go our separate ways! Carley will appear again in my Japan adventures later on I can assure you! Many thanks for Carley for helping me settle into Japan! I believe it was her words of wisdom and advice truly helped me in feeling emmersed moreso in this fascinating and intriguing country!
So I had my Suica Card for my Tokyo travels (this is similar to an Oyster card but... As I'll find out later, it has MANY MORE uses!) I headed to Narita Airport to meet up with Namphech (my Thai friend who's heading to Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture which is 3 hrs from tokyo) who's arriving in the country... Or should do by 13.30! En route I stopped off at a stop called Kōzunomori to head to the 100¥ store! (it's the equivalent of "Poundland" in the UK of the 99¢ store in USA) and purchased gloves, snacks and an umbrella! One of the snacks was a beverage that tasted milky but had gelatine cubes inside?! It was weird at first but 'twas wonderful. What happened afterwards was quite hellacious... And downright annoying!
I arrived at Narita Airport and at the time round 08.00 earlier Namphech said she was in Transit heading from China to Japan... That's fine! No problems so far! However, when I arrived and waited for her... The plane was displayed as "Delayed..." I was concerned obviously and asked the Airport staff what was happening. They sadly weren't helpful as they had no information due to them unable to contact the airline! Information then surfaced that other people were waiting for their loved ones on the same flight! I waited for five hours and with 1% battery... (I did keep charging but with a faulty charger it was a ballache) I noted down the hotel we were going to be at "Shin Okubu International Hotel" in Shinjuku as I was going to run out of battery... Which I did for 7hours! (Hence, I needed to rely on local folk in Shinjuku to figure out where the hotel is!)

So I fell asleep on the train getting to Shinjuku exhausted, wearing my face mask as I felt a bit sniffly! I think the effects of the plane ride finally kicked in! Mind you, this is still only Day 1! And I arrived in Shinjuku at 19.00! It was then I looked around for directions, and it was then I was approached by a shady behaving Japanese fellow! He asked me in English, "Hey... Do you want sex?"  initially my mind turned to earlier this week for the "Raging Homo" approach by the American gentleman... However, it was "Raging Hetero"  instead!
"You want young Japanese woman for sex? Very cheap! May go more money later!"
"Um... Do you know (shows my note) where this hotel is?"
"You want woman?"
... I don't think he was getting the hint! He showed me sort-of where it is... However I got lost once again! My philosophy always is that I'm quite attractive and exceptional to have sex for  free... What is the point of paying for sex? Preposterous! Anywho , I asked a chef smoking outside a restaurant where my hotel would be... It was then he said in good English to go to the local police station! I followed his advice (a lovely looking chap I daresay! Not as hot as Riku from "The Gazette"  mind you!) I went to the Police Station and the inside of the building looked a bit scabby from something you'd expect from the 80s! Enough with interior complaints, after a 20 minute look at a map they brought out from their desk, one of the two officers escorted me by walking me straight to the hotel! How very kind and fortunate! So... After a 10 minute walk I arrived to the hotel at 22.30! Crazy stuff! And oh yes, I also recall myself (when it started raining) I opened up the umbrella and it caught my watch... Smashing it to pieces! So I also lost concept of time as well and relied on looking at clocks and asking the locals also for the time! I checked into the hotel by oneself and it felt truly strange... Checking into a hotel under someone else's name and well... Just felt quite surreal to be honest! I junked on my snacks I purchased from earlier and went to bed at midnight and set the alarm for 06.45! I was quite worried still about Namphech!
Well that was only Day 1! Initially I was going to only gonna make this post Week 1...But now I am going to do it Day by day!  Thank you all for reading, when I format it when I find a PC/Laptop (I wrote this all from my app) I'll input pictures too!
Til next time! Day 2 will be titled "There's that Nam -  A tale of thirsty women and Shopping Mall I mean (Train Station) nightmare!

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Deep Thought - I Don't Want To Be Successful

With my continual drive to perform as many locations as possible and to challenge poetic styles from your 長歌 (Choka) to  cinquains each and every day, I don't want to be successful. I want to be happy.

What do I mean?

The way I see "Successful" is a form of an endgame scenario whereby 2. Rf4+ Ke3 3. Qg3+ Ke2 4. Rf2+ Ke1 5. Qg1#, the end. Stop doing what you're doing, you've achieved your goal. This is not a gripe on people's accomplishments, absolutely not! This is a perspective on the mentality of moving forward whilst continuing on your objectives/lifestyle for victory.

What worries me is that we live too much in the "NOW" Culture whereby whenever performers (or whatever your profession is) punches the air when they move on to the next step in the sense that they've "Made it" so to speak...It bothers me. Why? Because while people work for goals, once the goals are met they stop and say to themselves "Well I've done it! I don't need to do anything else..."



It is only the beginning.

Upon embarking on my first year performing in 2016, one of the best pieces of advice was when I sat on the table with a gentleman he told me that "You need to stay constant to at least stay at the level you're at. You can have a good 2016, but 2017 if you're not pushing hard or at least harder...People will forget about you."

And he is right!

Case in point, 2011-2013, I was a member of The Biggest Yu-Gi-Oh Team (In terms of popularity, fans and viewership...We flippin had one of our fans travel one side of the country to the other to meet one of our members) in East Anglia! People knew us, we had overall FAR MORE views in a shorter amount of time than my current content is pulling! Mind you, the trading card game as a general social media quantity far superseeds Spoken word! Want some evidence? This YouTube channel GlasgowYGO has had 1000000 views and there are so much more of this! 

I haven't played yugioh competitively since 2014. Yeah people know me as Umor...But the man who played (Despite me not really doing anything major) is dead. Will I ever revive my playing days? That's besides the point...People will forget you easily.

So in short...Enjoy what you've achieved yes...But if you're someone that feels you are successful, you are not. You can sell millions of records, books and have all that money by your side, but don't ever think for one second that it's your endgame.

You have so much to give so don't ever lose that hunger to strive and break new barriers.

Keep playing

Zera Later x 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Spoken Word Showcase #1 !

Every week i'll be showcasing my spoken word videos! Here are some to sink your teeth in!

Til next time ! I shall Zera Later! 

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Theresa May's interview on Sky News REACTION

It's 10am and I'm tuning in to Sophy Ridge's interview with Theresa May.

Okay, i'm ready! This is "Sophy Ridge On Sunday" A New Politics show on Sky News.

10.01 - Okay it's a new show, and before the interview they're doing a report on Labour's "Worst" Year...Such bias.

10.02 - Agreed, the Deputy Prime Minister Tom Watson says that the mandate is done...RESPECT the fact that Corbyn is the leader! Let him lead the 2020 general elections.

10.05 - I'm thankful that Sophy has said "It's easy to blame Corbyn" in regards to policies. I agree, the amount of crap that Corbyn had to face with the media backlash has been ridiculous!

10.06 - Sophy Tweeted - 

10.09 - Don't twist things Sophy - Tom Watson is right. The future is uncertain and we need to hear from our "Prime Minister" in what's happening. Barely anyone knows what the status quo is!?

10.10 - "Does she know what's she's doing" - Sophy
"I think she is troubled." aka she needs alot of convincing to all of us.

10.11 - She's arrived in the BUILDING! Our Prime Minister saviour (sarcasm) Mrs May is here! 

10.12 - We are joined by Anushka Asthana (Political Editor, Guardian) , Tim Shipman (Political Editor, Sunday Times) , Luke Johnson (Entrepreneur) along with Sophy as discussing the report and the news story.

Anushka Asthana (Political Editor, Guardian)

10.14 - "Clearly he is very uncomfortable about free movement" - Asthana says about Corbyn's immigration policy. 

10.16 - Luke says that if we were to restrict staff that are hard-working and keen and replace them with British Staff...It could prove to be a detriment... Interesting notion. 

10.17 - The NHS is under pressure? No SHIT! Agreed there are not limitless resources and we need restructuring. Shameless plug I know, but this is covered by the "Care Cut" poem by yours truly:

10.18 - 

10.19 - First ad break. Sophy has a good news reporting style and I feel is good for the battle of the "Sunday Morning Politics" show 

10.21 - Man that ad break wasn't long! Okay, they're now talking about the Prime Minister!

10.22 - "Shared Society" - Exactly...What the hell does she mean? Be interesting to see what she is talking about in the interview.

10.23 - Important to note because the Tory Leadership campaign was cut short...We literally had a PM that is a blank piece of paper...Yep, this interview will hopefully go far in explaining WHO IS SHE?! ...Essentially.

10.25 - Drivers face £60 for littering? Yeah sure. I'm game for that. Though this "Binfrastructure" phrase is a bit silly. I'll make a note that in Japan they BARELY have bins and Luke rightfully states that it is a CULTURAL thing rather than more bins required. Japan is so clean and they don't litter. Why can't Britain do the same?

10.27 - MP's refusing to leave their offices while scaffolding and repairs being done? Oh my days give me a break...BUILDINGS NEED TO BE FIXED...I swear politicians complain about the most bollocks of things.

10.29 - Okay another ad break...THIS TIME afterwards it's time for our Prime Minister to speak! I say this out of sarcasm because THE PUBLIC DID NOT VOTE FOR HER.

10.31 - On Twitter:

10.32 - Before the interview they have a report on #RidgeOnTheRoad of Sophy Ridge discussing Boston, Lincolnshire. The place where the LEAVE vote was most popular than anywhere else.

10.35 - OF COURSE people don't want to air their views in public...The immigrant people are scared because it will be aired on national TV.

10.36 - English people struggle to get work not due to the immigrants but due to the employers. It's the bosses that decide who they employ at the end of the day. Would you say no to a job regardless of nationality and needing money?

10.37 - On Twitter...They're Periscoping this?! Why didn't they Periscope the Tom Watson interview? Heavy pushing on the #Brexit debate OR is it more that they want to not spread Labour's words? #WhoKnows? Or they're making the LIVESTREAM of Theresa's words...

10.39 - The Prime Minister is here! First question about "How immigration is managed?"

10.40 - Number of changes in immigration by the Conservative government apparently. The year 2017 is the "Year of Change" according to the PM. Industrial, Social, and Housing reform in the coming week. 

10.41 - GOOD! Mentioning the stigma of Mental Health is a plus point for me. Great stuff. Credit to where credit's due.

10.41 - 2010 quote "The British people want us to do it and it is the right thing to do. so we will do it" from the then Home Secretary now PM. Brought up in a screen by Sophy. "Why should we trust you now as this didn't happen?"

10.43 - "We need to look in this issue the right way...We are leaving" Brexit certainly means Brexit. 

10.44 - Direct question by Ridge "We are leaving the single market aren't we?"
"We shouldn't look at it like that..." Said May

THIS DOES NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION AND AS I TYPE "What is the right deal for the UK?" Essentially May is 

10.45 - 3rd TIME asking "Are you prioritising immigration over the single market..." My days it's like talking to a parrot.

10.46 - Okay we gathered already that we want our own rules...SO OBVIOUS. Sophy cut the cord and said "It's obvious that you want to control immigration."

10.47 - "We will trigger Article 50 by the end of March this year."Did you hear that?! I thought it was 2018 but unless i misheard...I feel that alot of decision making was done without discussing it to the public...Kind of a feeling of a PUT UP or SHUT UP scenario. (Edit: YES she said she will trigger it after they're showing highlights!)

10.48 - "Why don't you admit that you're leaving the single market?" Said Ridge. Again May is sidestepping like avoiding Ali's assaults from round 1 to 12 of a heavyweight contest. 

10.49 - I'm feeling underwhelmed by May's words. She's repeated "What is right for the UK" more times than the amount of times i've eaten pizza in my life...Probably a millennia. 

10.50 - NHS time...Okay this is another contentious issue. Okay she admits there's significant pressures in the NHS. She says she's given more funding but...Honestly it's still not enough. What she's not saying is that THEY HAVE CUT funding to councils...My days talking out of her arse or what?

10.52 - Speech about the Shared Society?! What is it? "Dealing with everyday injustice"

Like people not voting for you? #ShotsFired

10.53 - The Shared Society speech is going to centre around mental health. "We must get over the stigma of mental health." Okay this is the most direct she has been and it's good. One plus point to May on this front.

10.55 - I agree that the only solution is not just funding. "What we need to ensure is that the parity of mental and physical health is carried into society." That is good. However, part of me does feel she had NO CHOICE but to talk about it

10.56 - American elections and talking about Putin?! Aaaaaaah! Don't talk negative about Putin, please don't! Jokes aside, Sophy states that Putin and Trump are good friends. She asked cheekily if 

10.57 - Feminist discussion now about Donald Trump's opinions. "When you're a star...Grab em by the pussy?!" PUSSY IS BEING AIRED on Daytime TV?! Yes, May absolutely finds it "Unacceptable." However, May is being an apologist for Trump in saying that he has "Apologised." Part of me feels she wants to be "Buddy-Buddy" to trump...Probably an ulterior motive.

10.59 - And as I say that "A relationship that exists between Britain and the United States" by May. We need to build on the relationship 

10.59 - "Thank you for the illuminating interview" aka thanks for saying barely anything! And my goodness, they cut Sophy mid way through saying goodbye to the viewers! Not fair! Even though that they probably overran. 

Okay interview over and the programme is done.

3 quick thoughts

 - She hasn't definitively said that we are leaving the single market.
 - She is implying that she wants to be good friends with Donald Trump (Yay?)
 - Shared Society is not 100% clear

Thank you for reading! Please comment below YOUR thoughts on the article as it is the first time I wrote this as something is happening. If I left any details or any feedback it would be welcome! 

Til next time, my name is DrayZera and I shall Zera...Later

Friday, 6 January 2017

The Stigma Of Single Mothers HAS TO STOP!

Simply put, this is discrimination against women.

No matter the strides we have made in making this world a more equal place, there is a massive stigma within the UK and the rest of the world in being a single Mother...It's frowned upon in society and it's utterly shameful! Society are essentially PUNISHING Mothers who no longer are with the Father of the child let alone being single

Jokes aside with the Mum/Mom spelling, you just need to look at the google search when you type in "Single Mum support" to see how serious the state of affairs are:

Look, I am happy that these support networks are available for those that need it and/or seeking advice...However, for these charities/companies to have the various funding required to keep floating this means that THE PROBLEM IS SO MASSIVE THAT YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS AMOUNT OF LINKS as humanity as a whole has ostracised them without an afterthought.

Now, before carrying on I'm fully aware there are various reasons as to why divorces/break-ups happen. Men overall get off in freedom in the eyes of the beholder. Do you know the amount of locally first-hand news I hear about "Father wants nothing to do with the child," or "They don't pay a penny to the child's welfare?" Where is the justice in that? LET ME REITERATE that there are amazing Single Dads out there that I also know locally. This isn't an attack on you fine folk that do your best on supporting your child(s). This is an attack on those that feel it is right and justified to not support their own child and the single Parent raising the child...Male or Female. (However, it is a high populous of men that seem to be lacking in the TLC department.)

I'm going to back my words up with a little bit of statistics for you (Courtesy of This is from a survey of 1500 Women in 2014:

Three out of four single parents surveyed by Gingerbread have personally experienced stigma and one in three say it is on the rise, show new findings published ahead of Mother’s Day (Sunday 30 March) [1].

In a poll of 1,500 single parents, half of respondents believed single parent stigma in the media had increased in the last two years, and 20 per cent believed stigma had heightened in both the workplace and the community in that time.

Single parents reported being subjected to negative comments in the street, turned down for jobs and refused tenancies, as well as regularly reading and hearing negative comments about single parents across the media – despite the fact that one in four families with dependent children is headed by a single parent [2].

As 92 per cent of single parents are mothers, Gingerbread has released the findings before Mother’s Day, calling for all parents to be celebrated, regardless of their family status.

EQUALITY! Whatever happened to that? With 75% of the sample size saying that they have "Personally experienced stigma" that is 1125 people! And with 20% (1 in 5) experiencing this in the community and the workplace too?! This is far too much! C'mon human race...We need to take better care of our own!

To cap it off, let's discuss the media...Oh boy, where do we begin?! The Guardian Newspaper wrote an article in 2011 -> (Link here, written by Tanya Gold)  titled "The right has chosen its scapegoat – the single mum. And she will bleed." Here, the article quotes from Daily Mail journalists (At the time, it's not as if I'm at their back pockets for lemons sake!) Melanie Phillips and Max Hastings to write that "Most of these children come from lone-mother households … Successive generations are being brought up only by mothers, through whose houses pass transitory males by whom these women have yet more children" and "They are essentially wild beasts … Their behaviour on the streets resembled that of the polar bear which attacked a Norwegian tourist camp." 

"Hey Mumma Bear...Why did the Daily Mail compare us to Single Mums?" "I don't know son, I think they have had too many trips with some wacky stuff...I joke they're just stupid" (Picture...Ironically taken from the Daily Mail!)

Sexist and absolutely unjustified. 

You can find SO MANY examples of vilifying single Mothers.
It's not right.
It's not fair.

I'll be touching on this topic on the next episode of "DrayZera UNCENSORED" on Saturday this week. I will be posting a link below this article once uploaded. If you're a single Mother reading this and you're supporting your child the best way you can: You're a champion. Don't let people belittle your efforts. You're a human being and it's a shame that society doesn't view you as that.

Here are some links if you need any further support:

And of course as I have international readers:

Usually, I say my catchphrase at the end of articles. However, i'll leave this poem below. This is "Single Mother Soldier" by "Kyli Santiago":